Online Claiming

For existing members please visit the Pet Portal to submit your claim.

Online Claim Pet Portal

Simply upload a copy of both the itemised invoice and the consultation notes from your vet visit. If this is your first claim we require your pet’s full medical history from all previous vets from the time you first owned your pet. If your pet was adopted at an older age please supply adoption paperwork and medical records since adoption. If you are a new member please sign up to use the PetPortal.

New Client Sign Up for Pet Portal

Paper Claiming

If you would prefer to send us your claim through the post, please ensure you have the completed the following additional steps:

1. Complete a Petmed claim form

Download a Petmed claim form (right) or give us a call on 1300 732 172   (8.30am – 5:00pm EST, Mon – Fri) and we will post a form out to you. You need to complete and sign part 1.

2. Take the form to vet

Take it with you to the vet and ask them to fill out Section 2. Both you and your vet will need to sign the form.

3. Post us the form

Attach the original itemised invoices, payment receipts and consultation notes and post them in to:

Petmed Pet Health Insurance
Locked Bag 9021, Castle Hill NSW, 1765

Questions & Answers

At what age can I start my pet's insurance?

Young Pets Cover You can start your pet\’s cover from 8 weeks of age and before its 9th birthday. Seniors Cover From 9-years to no upper age limit.
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Why are all Petmed plans comprehensive?

 All Petmed plans are Comprehensive plans. That goes for senior pets too! We want all our customers to have maximum cover for their pets. That means you are covered for all the same illnesses, injury, disease etc, regardless of the plan you pick.
The difference between plans comes down to:1. The Benefit percentage of the vet bill we will cover (65% or 80%)2. How much you can claim in any one year based on the Annual Benefit Limit.The Young Pets plan has benefit limits of ($5k, $10k or $18k). The Seniors plan has benefit limits of $5k, $12k or $15k.So you just need to pick the covers that you feel are affordable for your circumstances. 
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What's the difference between Young Pets and Seniors plans?

All pets have access to comprehensive care regardless of age. Under the Senior pets plan (aged 9 yrs – 25 yrs) the Benefit percentage is  reduced to 65% and the Annual Benefit Limityou can claim up to is $15,000 and  an excess of upto $199 applies. As you can expect a 15 year old dog has a much higher chance of becoming sick, hence the fair limitations on the plan.
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Can I use my own vet?

Yes, you can use any vet who is licensed to practice in Australia.
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What is not covered?

Like most insurance policies, we have a few exclusions to keep your premiums affordable. These include pregnancy, elective procedures, foods/diet, grooming, behavioural problems, and pre-existing conditions that showed clinical signs before taking out the insurance. More information about exclusions is available in our Policy Booklet.
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Can I change my cover once I have applied?

You can upgrade to a higher cover on your policy renewal date or at any time as long as you haven’t made a claim on your current level of cover.Please refer to Policy Upgrades/Downgrades section in the PDS for limits and conditions involved. If you are not happy with your policy, you may cancel the policy within the first 21 days as long as you have not made a claim and any premium you have paid will be refunded in full.
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When does my policy start?

Your policy will commence at 23:59 on the day that your proposal has been accepted by us. You may make a claim for an accident as soon as your policy is effective. A 30-day waiting period applies for illness condition claims. Note that a 6 month waiting period applies for cruciate conditions, which may be waived if a Cruciate Ligament Exam Form is completed and signed by your vet on or after the policy commencement date and received by us within 14 days of the examination date.
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How much will I get back for the money I spend at my vet?

Depending on the cover you chose, you will receive 65% or 80% of the eligible cost of treatment for your dog or cat, subject to the annual benefit limits, optional per-condition excess applies and subject to terms and conditions as set out in the policy booklet.
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Are there any limits on the claims I can make?

Petemed will pay up to 80% of eligible vet fees less the annual optional per-condition excess you have selected, up to a maximum of $5,000, $10,000 or $18,000 in each twelve month period, depending on the plan you have chosen.
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How long does it take for a claim to be processed?

Once we receive the documentation, your claim will be processed without delay and payment will be made either by cheque or directly into your nominated account.
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