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As Australia's second longest running pet insurance, we provide the highest comprehensive insurance to pets aged 8-wks to No Upper Age Limit! Call 1300 732 172 to learn more.


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Every pet deserves the right to a healthy life. So we have comprehensive plans for pets aged 8-weeks to No Upper Age Limit!


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We have compiled over 1 million dog years of data to help you learn about ALL the hereditary diseases and illnesses your dog can get in their life.


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We cover tens of thousands of Australian pets and we can help your best friend too. We try harder, offer more and give care more.

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"I have beautiful twin girls they are Australian terriers and have been insured with Petmed since they were 8 weeks old, we have had a few dramas along the way and Petmed have always been there for us. Once both the girls ate something bad, Lapis was paralysed and very sick when we went to the hospital they told us we need to bring in her sister straight away and I ended up spending the whole long weekend at the hospital. For me having the girls with Petmed means it’s never a question of money, when it’s an emergency or the unexpected happens I can instruct the vet to do everything possible to save my girls, keep them comfortable and give them the best treatment possible. If they need scans, x rays or specialist procedures I don’t hesitate or worry about the cost."

− Fiona Wilkinson NSW

"We have 2 dogs in our family both insured with Petmed our beagle Mutley was playing in the garden with our other dog who is a kelpie they were jumping and playing when Mutley had a fall, he injured his hips and needed an operation for his cruciate ligament he also had inflammation which has progressed into arthritis unfortunately we also found out that Mutley has Cushings disease so we need to be careful and monitor his medication. We are happy with Pedmed and the claims procedure as we just take the form to our vet who submits it for us, Petmed then deposit the funds into our bank account. Mutley is now better he can walk and run, he is fine active and healthy."

− Niki Coxe WA

"We took out pet insurance for our boxer puppy a shortly after he came home as we had heard veterinary bills could be very expensive. Jake is now 10 years old, he has had a lot of medical problems in the last couple of years, some major such as the surgery on two of his knees for his cruciate ligaments, diagnosis and treatment for arrhymia which includes over a $1000 a year in medication costs, and ongoing management of arthritis to name a few. When you insure your pet it’s not just for one incident or condition it’s for ongoing quality of life that you may not be able to afford to provide otherwise. PetMed cover has been very effective for us, and it has allowed to focus on making the right decisions for Jakes health and not have to worry if we could afford it.."

− Mark Kay NSW