About Petmed and how we try harder

1. We Insure pets from age 8 weeks and above

We believe that all pets deserve cover from young to our senior pets. Petmed have two types of comprehensive cover.

Young Pets Insurance – 8 wks to 9 yrs

If your pet is between 8 weeks to 9 years you can choose from a range of standard covers. Petmed insure for all hereditary diseases, illness, accidents and everything in between. This is the highest level of protection and cover is available up to $18,000 with no excess or $99 excess option to help you save.

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Seniors Insurance 9 yrs+ (No upper age limit)

Seniors care is available for ages 9 years and above. It’s the similar cover as above with all the same protection. The only difference is we cap the cover at $15,000 and the excess can be up to $199 due to age and extra risk.

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2. Free Pet Health Reports for every breed of dog and cat

Your pet health report is tailored to your exact breed of dog or cat and shows you all the available health research related to your specific breed of pet. Petmed’s goal is to educate you about the health needs of your pet so you can prepare for the future and understand what may be in store. Your FREE report:

 Available for EVERY breed of dog & cat
Potential hereditary disease risks
 Risk of getting cancer
Accumulated research from vets
Insurance claims & statistics
Toxic foods and household plants
Examples of most common illnesses
Reports are updated every few months
Lots more…..

3. Petmed is one of Australia’s Oldest Pet Insurance Companies

Petmed have been helping Australian pets for over 20 years and unlike other companies we ONLY insure pets. That means we are genuinely interested in your pet staying as healthy as possible. Our research team works full-time scouring veterinary journals and medical reports for the latest research and articles to help our clients and their furry little friends.

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